Located at
1045 S. High St.
Columbus Ohio

Open 12-6pm
Everyday of the week

Friday, July 8, 2011

Greater Columbus Antique Mall

 Welcome to the Greater Columbus Antique Mall!
 Find a huge selection of antique and vintage jewelry.
 Chandeliers and tobacco tins are always in stock.
 Find instruments, cameras, and early music players.
 Dealers stock is constantly changing.
 Find show cases throughout the mall.
 Hankies, aprons, and fabric make perfect gifts.
 Come check out the Greater Columbus Antique Mall for great deals!
Vintage and Antique clothing is always in fashion!


  1. Great pics, I just went there a couple weeks ago and it was great... I bought one of those porcelain hands and it is really neat!

  2. Nice Image, specially caps are really eye catching

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  3. Great Columbus tradition in Antiques!! One of the Best in the Midwest!

  4. I have old board games (50s-60s) trunk full. They were my Grandfather's. I was wondering if anyone is interested in buying them? I don't want them. Thank you.

  5. How do we get items to be sold there? I have a claw-foot tub (don't know if it's cast iron or acrylic) to unload.

  6. Oh, and how about a lot of early day Avon jewelry and trinkets?

  7. My sister and I love to shop here you can always find a great deal!!! We have already started Christmas shopping and will be back for more...

  8. I have a 1920's Robert Shaw electric pendulum wall clock...Works, in excellent condition....Also 1923 American toy and furniture company child's rocker..First marked for July 3rd..1923..Original liberty Bell and Carnegie carriages cloth..Represents 1876.... Any interest???? brenda88058319@gmail.com